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Sunglasses are a great and easy way to make a fashion statement, not to mention they’re practical for sunny days, or when you wish to hide your dark circles. This season, the trend for shades is led by a collaboration between Rihanna and Dior. The futuristic design features flat, shield-like lenses and wide metallic temples that taper at the ears. Flat lenses are popular, alongside fancy colored lenses, deeper rims and more. In short, this season’s designs are either avant-garde or ultra-retro. Are you ready to travel in time with your eyewear?
Flat lenses are in right now! These shield-like sunnies look like ski goggles, except they’re not curved and can come in slender frames. Instead of two separate lenses for each eye, the design boasts a single lens, which makes it sturdy and stylish.
Lenses in clear pink, yellow, blue and purple used to give a cheesy impression, but not anymore! I especially recommend shades in delicate colors like pink, peach and yellow (see our previous article on Millennial Pink) so they can match most skin tones and exude a funky mood. Ombré pink is highly coveted among trendsetters, as are cocktails of unicorn hues like lilac, turquoise and aquamarine. However, do keep in mind that the color of your lens will affect your vision. If you wear a pair of red lenses, everything you see Warby Parker sunglasses will undoubtedly be red!
Ray Ban Club Masters
Known for their iconic square shape and comfortable fit, Ray Ban Club master sunglasses are recognized world wide. Inspired by 1950’s brow-line rockability style, Ray Ban Clubmasters sunglasses are both classic and retro. Worn for generations Club master style sunnies are among the most popular for any festivalgoer!、
Wayfarers sunglasses are something that suits just about every face. Wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers can make you look both cool and sophisticated; it’s not a contradiction. There are many types of wayfarers, shiny, colorful, matte finished etc. but Wayfarers in black, dark brown or deep blue always look best.
Aviator sunglasses have reached cult-level popularity from military to the silver screens in films like Top Gun. Aviator sunglasses are more than a simple pair of sunnies, they are a statement piece.
Round Sunglasses
Round sunglasses are a fresh and modern approach to a very cool and classic frame style.  Round framed sunglasses look best on longer faces. With many different styles, its hard to choose just one!